Monday, May 23, 2011

Andrei And along comes Goff

Goodness me, Phil Goff just keeps on providing really good reasons not to vote for Labour come November.

And here he goes again: Goff plans to bring farmers back into ETS

The whole ETS thing is a rort but the concept that the farts of herbivorous mammals are pollution that should be taxed is an absurdity that makes Jabberwocky seem sensible.

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Psycho Milt said...

At the moment taxpayers are funding agriculture's share of Key's ETS, using borrowed money - do you really think Goff is the person you should be grumpy with here?

PM of NZ said...

And PM, do you think once agriculture starts paying its way, be it sooner than planned under Liarbour, would Phil cease a matching amount of borrowing?

Andrei said...

PM it is not "Key's ETS" it is Helen's ETS, modified by Key to make it less damaging.

And we are grumpy with Key for merely modifying it rather than consigning it to the scrap bin where it belongs.

David Winter said... we can pay all of the Kyoto liability from borrowed money?

KG said...

"At the moment taxpayers are funding agriculture's share of Key's ETS.."

The question isn't who should be paying what "share"--the real question is why this gigantic scam still exists at all.
To arguing over who pays what is to implicitly accept the legitimacy of the tax.

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