Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Andrei Royal Bounce

Republican ardour has been reduced substantially by the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton, now Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge.

The question on ditching the Monarchy was last asked in 2002 when 60% of respondents supported the Monarchy.

A survey taken since the wedding has seen this support rise to a whopping 72%.

It is my opinion that Prince Charles will not be crowned King, his marriage to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall presents an obstacle, in that she is divorced and has a living Husband. Edward VIII, Prince Charles' Great Uncle insisted upon marrying an American Divorcée after after his accession to the throne but before the Coronation. The Church of England was appalled, they did not at that time marry Divorces in Church I believe.

The Government was appalled and Parliament under Stanely Balwin threatened to resign. Other Commonwealth Leaders also expressed their view that this was not an acceptable Marriage for the Monarch and the Wedding if it did take place could not be Solemnized in the Anglican Church because marriage of Divorcée at that time it could not. (Has this changed in the intervening 75 years? I know they have divorced and remarried Priests including a Bishop whose remarriage was to another man. Are these secular marriages or has the Anglican Church softened its stance in the intervening years, Hopefully some commentator will be able fill us in.)

But the Monarch is the The Supreme Governor of the Church of England, nominally appoints the Bishops and needs publicly, at least, to be seen living within the canons of the Church.

This is pure hypothesis on my part but I suspect that the by passing of Charles is already a done deal behind closed doors and that William and Catherine are being groomed to fulfill the role of the next King and Queen of England and they will model themselves upon the Queen and Prince Phillip along with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I hope they do, this would provide a beautiful role model for us the Kings Subjects.

I really hope this is what happens, Prince Charles for whom we should feel pity is old, out of touch and doesn't inspire the intense loyalty of his subjects.

On the other hand Prince William is young .and would have many years to strengthen and preserve the House of Windsor.

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