Thursday, May 12, 2011

Andrei The thought police strike again

Have you ever heard of Peter Vidmar?

He was an American Olympian who won two Gold medals in Gymnastics at the 1984 games

Anyway since then he has done what many successful sportsmen have done after their prime sports days are over and that is to promote sport. Last week he was named chef de mission for the 2012 U.S. Olympic team and by all accounts a worthy choice

But a few days later he resigned, controversy had broken out over his selection and rather than damage the Olympic effort in unnecessary controversy he stepped down.

Can you guess what his crime was that the thought police thought it necessary to scupper his Olympic role? Its not hard.

He opposes Gay Marriage and campaigned against it in California

This is chilling, if you involve yourself in public debate, the very life blood of democracy and take a stance that goes against Liberal Left beleifs, they will undertake to ruin your future chances in any endevour you may undertake. The same thing happened to a Miss California and potential Miss America a year or two back you'll recall.

But then again the Liberal Left are the heirs to Stalin and not the intellectual heirs of George Washington, and certainly his intellectual equal. Mostly of them only attain intellectual equality with of a dead mice, they are a mob, with a mob mentality.

Unfortuanately their insanity has gained some ascendancy in recent years, as this story illustrates.

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