Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Andrei Meanwhile in the here and now

"The science is in,"

"Climate change is real. Man-made carbon pollution is making a difference to our planet and our climate."

Julia Gillard

More Climate Change Boilerplate from the New Zealand Herald, this time based upon a report from the Australian Federal Government's brand new Climate Change Commission. It's the usual litany of doom and gloom ever increasing natural disasters, floods, fire and famine all wrought upon our descendants as a result of our profligate ways.

It's fixable though, according to the reports authors and that is to
"set a price on carbon high enough to drive investment into renewable energy"
That is tax the productive even more.

Meanwhile in the here and now, the world didn't end last Saturday and life goes on today pretty much as it did last Tuesday.

But unlike Harold Camping whose prediction for apocalypse on Saturday remained unfulfilled, these apocalyptic preachers will be safely in their graves when their predictions fall to materialize.

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KG said...

What the Herald conveniently (or lazily) omitted to mention, of course is that Gillard's Climate Change Commission consists entirely of warmist believers, hand-picked by her.
Go take a look at Andrew Bolt's blog to get an insight into the level of dishonesty the members are guilty of.

KG said...

Just one example HERE

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