Saturday, May 28, 2011

Andrei Moscow's annual stoush

It's a strange old world.

The city authorities in Moscow don't want gay pride marches in their city because of the disorder they bring.

And the citizens of Moscow overwhelmingly agree with the city fathers on this matter. So permits are refused for the parade.

Which is like a red rag to a bull to activist communities across the globe. And off some of their most vocal members go to Moscow to parade anyway. To get assaulted by angry grannies, then arrested and to have a good old whine in the media.

And in a few hours this same sorry saga will be playing out again.

Beats me why they do it - there are plenty of cities which allow their decadent parades, why go out of your way to inflict them upon a city that doesn't want them?

I'll tell you why my friends, the real reason is that the self absorbed believe that their "rights" trump other peoples rights.

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James said... those Christians who whine they are discriminated against and hope no one mentions the centuries of church repression,censorship,torture and murder of heretics and other undesirables.

Why shouldn't gay people fight for their equal rights? They are as human as anyone.

Andrei said...

Everybody has the right to be treated with dignity and respect James - not that this will ever be achieved in this world of woe.

But that does not extend to the right to hold a parade.

In every town and city in this fair land you require the permission from the civic authorities to hold a parade, which may or may not be given.

And I put it to you that if 85% of the citizens did not want the parade, for whatever purpose, to go ahead, well the civic authorities would withhold permission.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as gay rights any more than there are thievs rights or murderers rights.

Anonymous said...

Rags, you'll fit quite well in with this lot.

You are correct, there are no gay rights. There are Human Rights, and some of our fellow humans also happen to be gay, but that does not mean they have any less Human Rights that the rest of us.

Of course, you'll get on weel with andrei who thinks it is fine to deny rights to any minority, as long as its not HIS minority.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is been denied their human rights by been warned that sodomy is a damnable sin.

scrubone said...

I've yet to meet a gay person who doesn't have the right to marry.

James said...

Yeah....just as long its to a Woman.

What's sinful about sodomy...? Catholics have engaged in it for centuries as a way around the ban on contraception imposed by the Vatican...

ZenTiger said...

Heh, so your theory is that to avoid a ban on contraception, people resort to breaking the ban on sodomy. Sure you aren't speaking out of your arse James?

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