Friday, May 20, 2011

Lucia Budget thoughts

Many people in NZ believe that money, or how Government money is allocated, will save us. Hence the reaction to the Budget, which really shouldn't be that exciting.

On a personal level, I suppose I'm also not overly excited as we don't qualify for Working For Families and we avoid KiwiSaver or any retirement scheme with extreme prejudice and my husband is not a public servant. Though, I am glad that new taxes haven't been introduced as we had a 20% drop in gross income last financial year due to the economic downturn. That really hurt and has meant that I'm still putting off orthodontic work for our 14 year old, not to mention urgent repairs to our house, so extra taxes would have not been fun. At least interest rates are pretty stable.

I'm thinking I have to start growing a lot more vegetables at home, so if things do get worse then at least we'll have some sort of food supply.

Oh well, time to do some maths with my 10 year old.

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MathewK said...

Many people in the west think that government money is their own money, not tax payers money.

Hope thing get better soon.

Kiwi Kids News said...

Hi Lucia

I am in a similiar position with the budget. Doesn't really affect us at all.

On a more serious note I see that my feed on the left is not working - can it be replaced ( if we are still friends) with this feed.

Also I am working hard on a new news website for kids and students. It is just a collection point for news that is suitable and safe for kids.

scrubone said...


The government is fundamentally another player in the economy - it just happens to be the one that sets the rules.

Sadly, we've developed a society where the government takes and spends so much money that a whole lot of people mistake the government accounts for the performance of the economy as a whole.

Andrei said...

Off topic Ozzy but it is done

I.M Fletcher said...

I don't subscribe to Kiwisaver either. Done my best to avoid it.

Joe Heschmeyer said...

Hey, New Zealanders! Any of you raptured today? Just checking.

KG said...

Grow up, Joe. Like the idiot media, you're taking the words of one tiny fringe group and blowing them up out of all proportion. Most people--Christians included--have more sense.

Joe Heschmeyer said...

Sorry, KG. Just being light-hearted.

KG said...

:) I was a bit quick on the trigger there, admittedly. Apologies if I mis-read you Joe.

Joe Heschmeyer said...

No worries. We've got a crazy Christian fringe on one side, and snarky secularists and atheists on the other. I think a lot of orthodox Christians are at a loss for who to attack / defend.

Andrei said...

I think a lot of orthodox Christians are at a loss for who to attack / defend.

Well that is why this particular Orthodox Christian posted the relevant scripture from the Evangelist Mathew in the original Koine Greek.

Those whose eyes are open will understand and those whose minds are closed will by pass it

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Joe!

I love your blog! Your post of a couple of days ago has helped me with a difficult post that I still haven't finished... all will be revealed this week I hope.

I was in the perfect place to get either raptured or have the world end this weekend, at a retreat, spending a lot of time with Our Lord. So I thought I was mostly ready, though not believing it would happen as we are not supposed to know the day nor the hour. I don't know how people think they've figured it out if that's the case.

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