Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Andrei A new "multi faith" Cathedral for Christchurch?

A bit of angst over Christchurch's Anglican Cathedral and its need for reconstruction.

One Alan Goss, an ex Presbyterian Minister believes it should arise anew as a Multi Faith Space, rather than an Anglican Cathedral per se.

Of course if the Anglican's have the resources and insurance cover to raise their new Cathedral to its former glory there is no issue.

But when public money becomes involved, perhaps there is a case to be made for a "people's cathedral" as Mr Goss described it to be used by people of all faiths and creeds, because Anglican's today are a minority in Christchurch

I shudder at the thought though - "people's cathedral" evokes the type of edifices raised in the Soviet Union to replace the Churches.

One such was Stalin's "people's palace" planned to rise upon the rubble of Christ the Saviour Cathedral, demolished by the Soviets to make way for this grand monument to the new Soviet world.

It never happened and today Christ the Saviour Cathedral has been rebuilt where it once stood.

The Bishop of Christchurch and the Cathedral's Dean are opposed as they should be perhaps they need to be at the forefront of raising money to cover whatever shortfall exists and not be looking to the civil authorities for a handout.

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