Sunday, September 25, 2011

ZenTiger Around the traps

Surfing more than hunting. Skimming more than reading. Storing more than considering. Never-the-less, these posts will bear some thinking in the slower cycles of the week.

Stephen Franks raises some excellent points that bear further thought when considering inequality in society and how to improve it. We discussed the Spirit Level recently, and here's another example where declaring a solution (tax people until they are equal) without actually addressing the problem will not, ultimately resolve anything. The key word for me in these discussions at the moment though is something completely different: Robots. Have we considered what society will be like in 20 years when robots and computers are taking jobs. I'm seeing the Matrix meets Terminator about 5 years after Blade Runner. Either than or Logan's Run. Surely, it wont be that bad?

The Macalope makes a few good points about Windows 8 and the marketing approach of Microsoft, and then a few good rebuttals to the doom merchants and naysayers that are always looking for the cloud that comes with a silver lining. After coming up with all the usual speculative theories on why Apple might fail, (did some-one predict Apple might fail because HP is going epic with the letter after E?) I'm surprised the Macalope dodn't point out the one that comes in the subtext of most of these articles: Maybe Apple will fail if they just stop being so damn innovative and focussed on the user experience. Yep, that's got to be a real danger worth lamenting. All the good ideas in the world of technology must be just about used up. Apple are screwed, no doubt about it.

Meanwhile, in the slightly more boring world of local government politics, I'm watching with interest just how the elected Kapiti Coast Councillors are going to ram-rod the purchase and installation of water meters on a fairly unsupportive community. I signed a petition request to take the matter to referendum, but the Mayor is already signalling a referendum would be highly inappropriate, because the people are idiots and don't know what's best for them. A referendum would merely confirm this well known fact, and it would be embarrassing for the Mayor to have to over-ride the wishes of the vast majority, for their own benefit.

I think this is why people ultimately have revolutions. It's also why they are thirsty work. "Give me liberty or a glass of water" could be the catch cry of the decade.

Not much to say about the rugby because I haven't seen much of it. Great game for the All Blacks last night though. Phew! Glad they got through that one in such fine form.

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