Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lucia Jesus as an All Black

Some fans might think Dan Carter is a god – so isn't it only logical that Jesus would come back as an All Black?

The icon-style image of Jesus as a New Zealand rugby great is now proudly on display at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, featuring Christ in the famous black jersey.

"Central to Christian belief is the fact that God became a human being, he became a man," cathedral dean the Very Rev Frank Nelson said.

"We often call New Zealanders God's own, so it would be completely logical that if Jesus did come back he would be an All Black.

"It's painted in the very traditional Orthodox Christian style of painting, designed as an aid to prayer, so the idea is that it engages your attention but then takes you beyond the painting to God."

While the painting had shocked some people, Mr Nelson said it had set him thinking about the very real possibility of Jesus being reborn.[!!!]

"I think you could be offended by it, I think you could be angered by it, I think it could bring a smile to some faces. My response is to just think about it."
I have thought about it, and my major thought is that the Anglican Very Rev Frank Nelson is confused about who Jesus is.  Jesus took on a human nature at the Incarnation.  He was born to the Blessed Virgin Mary, died and was Resurrected.  He is now seated at the right hand of the Father as God and man.  The Rev might want to check the Creed.

He is not going to be born again.  He already has a body.  When He comes back, it will be to judge the world, not to consider alternative career options.  

The artist painted the picture of Jesus as an All Black because he was wondering if "rugby had become the new religion in a country that had largely turned away from the faith."  Wouldn't that have been the ideal topic to explore?

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