Monday, September 5, 2011

ZenTiger Gender-free awards

Lady Gaga got the MTV award for best female video, and she accepted it whilst playing a male character, self-described alter ego Jo Calderone.

So she's made some kind of point about genders and all, and now I'm almost convinced the MTV awards could be a lot better by being half as long.  Instead of all this "best male video" and "best female video" gender stereotyping (and how many best male videos don't have females in them anyway?) why don't MTV just have a "best video" and be done with it?

And if everyone gets out of the awards twice as fast, we can turn our TV sets off much sooner.  Just think of all the carbon pollution we save the planet from!

Parting thought - there has to be some cosmic irony that Lady Gaga wins the best female award, and Justin Bieber picks up best male video, and thanks God and Jesus in his acceptance speech.  And all the girls in the video were dressed!   What's that about?  If this isn't proof of the Lord moving in mysterious ways, I'm not sure what is.

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