Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Andrei The Oligarchs have their tournament - you're paying for their entertainment

I love rugby, its a great game but I have been disenchanted by this whole world cup thing from the get go.

A lot of hype, party central, the eyes of the world are on us (they're not, you know) yadda yadda.

I've watched a lot of one sided games where the issue is decided virtually at kick off. And I realized that the really big games are all being played in Auckland, with a few in Wellington. For the rest of the country it's er well the crumbs.

Dunedin of course has its fancy new roofed stadium which the ratepayers will be forking out for for the next generation and beyond that perhaps, for what, to see the national team play and support them in their fancy new stadium? Not a chance.

The National team does not cross Cook Strait in its campaign - no in the preliminary rounds it play(ed)s twice in Auckland, Tonga and France, Japan in Hamilton and Canada in Wellington.

Wellington gets two quarter finals, the other two are guess where and from there on out all the action is at Eden Park.

And the punters in the provinces .......

Now it appears the tournament itself is going to loose $39 million dollars, chump change for those cheering from the corporate boxes in Eden Park, no doubt, as the tournament resolves the top teams and eventual winner but for the peasantry, watching delayed coverage on free to air TV in the boonies an unimaginable sum.

But guess who is going to pay it.

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JJ said...

Agreed. Also the standard of the tournament is very poor, they need to think about redesigning the format, its a bit of a joke when its a foregone conclusion before the tournament starts who is going to get out of pool play. Further to that, from the jingoism and blinkered views of the nz media through to the cheerleaders masquerading as commentators is kind of irritating.

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