Thursday, September 8, 2011

Andrei Politicians Logic

Mr Barosso said the tax on aviation fuel was intended to curb climate change but he did not want it to put off travellers.

"We are not thinking to impose any tax on the people coming to Europe. On the contrary, we are very open; we wish more people to come."

The aviation fuel tax had been decided on, said Mr Barosso, but was non-discriminatory and applied to everyone.

"We believe it’s a global effort to reduce emissions but that is not to prevent people from coming to Europe.
For a politician increasing tax always makes sense but the only real way emissions from air travel can be reduced significantly is to reduce air travel and the best way to make that happen is to make it more expensive by adding new and novel taxes.

Mind you this prick flies at the taxpayers expense so what does he care if he is party to ruining the economy of Europe by squeezing the life blood out of productivity and trade with ever more taxes.

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MathewK said...

It's like they're too stupid to understand simple logic.

Seán said...

'Eh?' indeed. Tourist industries in Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Portugal are going to loooove this.

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