Thursday, September 15, 2011

Andrei Something the Government is really really good at

Yes folks Government officials do have a real talent.

And that would be expanding mechanisms for extracting money from the long suffering citizenry.

Exhibit: Speed camera tickets nearly double.

Did the road toll halve? Or even go down in the period when this vast expansion of ticket sending out occurred? No, not in any significant sense.

However this bold initiative is a success
Superintendent Paula Rose, the national road policing manager, told Radio New Zealand the increase was due to the introduction of digital cameras, better deployment of resources and reducing speed tolerance during holiday periods.
Better deployment of resources means placing cameras where even the most law abiding citizens are momentarily liable to exceed the limit while reduced tolerance during holiday periods means ever more are caught in the net.

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Redbaiter said...

Paula Rose is an affirmative action bimbo who would not have that job if talent, expertise and experience were the selection criteria.

She's a government worshipping statist who thinks that socialist governments are big cuddly teddy bears, and the more power they have, and the more money they have, the better it is for the citizens. A socialist goon.

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