Saturday, September 10, 2011

Andrei Broke council pays to erect giant phallus in town center

My isn't Dunedin urbane and sophisticated
The artwork, in the shape of a deodorant can of a brand connected to the All Blacks, also considered the "sexualisation" of Maori, and artist Rachael Rakena yesterday said it did have a phallic reference.
It gets better
The Haka Peep Show, a "towering black pou (post or pillar)", houses 3D video art works featuring four haka performed by prominent Maori that the public could view like a peepshow.

Rakena said the performers were chosen because they were Maori leaders in different fields, who did haka "as part of their everyday lives".

"The artwork considers the sexualisation and commodification of Maori and indigenous sportsmen through the use and exploitation of their masculinity and their culture, in the media."

So if you watch the All Blacks you are exploiting "their masculinity and culture"? Really?

I think I know where the exploitation is really coming from here - it might "indigenous artists" exploiting Dunedin's ratepayers whether they like it or not through the utter stupidity of the Town Council.

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Redbaiter said...

Why do these dumbarsed local citizens allow their councils to do such things. They live in a damn democracy, but anyone would think it was a Marxist tyranny.

That dumb pierce of "artwork" testifies to the lame and stupid subservience of Dunedin citizens to the wolves that herd them and feed off them.

The lamers deserve everything they get.

fugley said...

So it's only a democracy when things are done according to Wussell's baby squawking?

Might I suggest you follow the advice you handed out on your own blog "That should be warning enough to any real New Zealander. Get out, "

Don't let the door slam your arse on the way out, I hope you have the time of your life.

dad4justice said...

Oh look fugley is back out in the community again.Gawd I just thought the quake might of ....

KG said...

Fugley--the slimy little commenter you get when you forget to put out the roach baits...

ZenTiger said...

So it's only a democracy when things are done according to Wussell's baby squawking?

I think you know quite well that is not what Redbaiter was saying.

The majority of ratepayers probably are not too keen on the Council spending up on these kind of expenses when they continue to increase the rates in a tough economic climate.

In my area, the Council is pursuing policies they actually campaigned against. That's not demonstrating a democracy either.

Seán said...

Don't know what all the fuss is about. Looks pretty it permanent?

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