Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ZenTiger The Magnificent Seven

Seven more ex-Parrots with the Department of Conservation's latest 1080 poison drop.  Back in 2008 [refer Dead Parrot Sketch] they managed to knock off seven of the Nestor Notabilis, and another seven shuffle off their mortal coils again.  We only know about it because they were tagged.  Be interesting to see how the others are doing.  Perhaps the bigger question is, was the collateral damage worth it on the war against possum terror? 

Still, perhaps it's better than being eaten by an Orca, as is the possible fate of Happy Feet.  Although I'm hoping the glue just wore off and Happy Feet is transponder free and fancy somewhere only slightly colder than Wellington today.

Because Wellington today was fairly cold, with hail stones the size of rugby balls.  Well, small rugby balls.  They were thick enough and loud enough to quite possibly freak out the visiting Rugby teams from more tropical climes.  I can just imagine the squads talking about how hard Kiwis are, and NZ is in general.  Those players are probably thinking that even the snowflakes pound the pavement!  Yes, we're hard.  We can handle anything.  Well, perhaps anything except for 1080 poison.    

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