Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lucia Vatican rebuttal to Irish Government attempt to deflect accountability

After the political posturing by Irish politicians denouncing the Holy See over the sex abuse crisis that occured in Ireland, the Holy See has come out with a fiery response.
The Response, at some 11,000 words, is comprehensive, even tedious in its detail, and adopts an understated and humble tone. The message, though, is clear. The Holy See will not accept the role of scapegoat being offered to it by the current government of Ireland. Furthermore, having demonstrated true contrition and a firm purpose of amendment, the Holy See is forthrightly challenging what it sees as an attempt in Ireland to use the sexual abuse scandal for purposes other than that of protecting children.
That purpose, it is absolutely clear, is to blacken the name of the Holy See and unjustly deflect accountability into Rome's lap.

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