Friday, September 30, 2011

Andrei Eh?

An Australian court has moved to stop a 16 year old girl being sent to Lebanon against her will for an arranged marriage.

The magistrate who heard the case has given the reasons for taking the steps he has
He said there was a psychological risk to Ms Madley if he did not make orders preventing her being forced into marriage she did not want, which he described as "a principle that is contrary to all our legal processes hold dear and which would indeed, under Australian law, render the marriage void, as it is absent genuine consent."
So far so good but then he says
However, he said he was not criticising any culture that had arranged marriages. ''The arrangements proposed should not be judged or criticised from a Western perspective, but must be viewed through the eyes of those who live and appreciate that culture, he said.
Multiculturalism is really confusing - even when you take a stand you have to apologize it seems.

Source: Court acts to stop arranged wedlock

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Redbaiter said...

Confusing only to brain washed social liberals.

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