Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Andrei How fantastically old fashioned - God be with them all

A 13-year-old is seeking a driver's licence so he can support his family as his father faces a terminal illness.

Jedidiah Smith wants to take over his father Craig's morning delivery run of chilled goods to supermarkets in Feilding and Palmerston North.

The eldest of his siblings still living in the family's Palmerston North home, Jedidiah wants to be able to provide for his mother and two younger sisters.

A month ago his father was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour; doctors have told Mr Smith he has several weeks to live.

"If I can't support my family, they will have to go on the dole. I don't want that," said Jedidiah, who is home schooled. "A friend of my father's has offered to give me intensive driver training. After he is done with me, I know I'll be competent enough to drive safely. If I did a test I know I'd pass it."
Once upon a time this would have been a no brainer and an expected reaction.

The Government knows what's best for us all now - so it wont be possible.

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KG said...

This is what happens when people trade personal responsibility for the illusion of security--they hand the government unlimited power.
Which the government then exercises on the assumption that the lowest common denominator is the standard.

Luna said...

I think regardless of what happens this young man and his family will be ok, with such a strong character such as this young man I'm sure things will work out.
God Bless them all!

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