Monday, September 26, 2011

Andrei Clumsy ACT

So the Dr Brash thinks cannabis should be legalized.

And John Banks doesn't.

So is this an issue that will bring the voters into the polls to tick ACT's box?

Or is the fact the good Doctor bought it up in the first place just another example of ACT's two left feet dancing?

You decide - I already have.

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PM of NZ said...

I do wonder if ACT will be able to sustain this priceless entertainment for 60 days. A good start, but the bit players are thinning fast.

Note to self: Get more popcorn.

russelll said...

I think it is going to scare the real ACT voters away. I was planning on voting ACT on the 26th of November (my first election) simply for John Banks, but Don Brash just keeps screwing things up... Mmm, so what's this Conservative Party like?...

Anonymous said...

Ever considered that Brash is a National stooge parachuted in to destroy act, scare the horses and send actoids back to National?

He's doing a damned good job of it,too.

ZenTiger said...

Too far fetched, and rather silly given they probably would do better with ACT around that without.

I just think it's a fine example of political incompetence.

Psycho Milt said...

I just think it's a fine example of political incompetence.

Brash has form here, in fact he's got a record as long as your arm, so my money's on political incompetence too - not least of which was making ACT dependent on someone totally opposed to what the party supposedly stands for.

JJ said...

Is Brash purposely trying to get ACT liquidated? It looks that way to me.

Mike said...

I met John Banks once and asked him (in regards to marijuana) that due to his stance on the plant, is he saying that God made a mistake? He couldn't answer.

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