Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Andrei Government lies to advance wowsers agenda

Outright blatant Lie: Alcohol contributes to quarter of child deaths - report
Alcohol contributed to the deaths of one in four children and young people who died between 2005 and 2007, a new report has found.

Of 357 deaths reviewed by the Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee, alcohol contributed to or was the cause of death in 87 cases.
Fact 1: This committee has the deaths of some people between 28 days old and 24 years old referred to them for analysis.

When do people become adults? - at 25 according to the data used to produce this report - which is BS since 24 year olds and younger are indubitably adults.

Fact 2: There were 1391 deaths of people within the target demographic excluded from this analysis - this number (assuming my addition is correct) comes from the report itself.

Make no mistake this report and the shock horror press is not worth the paper it is printed on and the best use anybody could make of it is as toilet paper as its real purpose is the advancement of the wowsers agenda as is obvious from its conclusions e.g. an analysis of the benefits of raising the price of alcohol.

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Lucia Maria said...

The real problem with alcohol is the culture here that perpetuates the idea that drinking to get drunk is normal. Even the wowsers believe this, that's why they want to clamp down on it and raise the price.

My parents gave me small drinks of red wine mixed with ribena once or twice a year when I was a child. I didn't even start drinking socially until I was 25, and then not to get drunk, and still don't.

The correlation with drinking when young and death is deeper than just the drink. If people are wanting to get drunk, what is so wrong with their lives that they are doing that? That's the bigger question, I think rather than the price of alcohol.

Andrei said...

The real problem with alcohol is the culture here that perpetuates the idea that drinking to get drunk is normal.

I wonder how common that really is? Three of my kids have made the mistake once and learned, my boy has never done it as far as I know and he is utterly contemptuous of drunkenness - mind you he holds a lot of things in contempt.

The thing is all these measures don't achieve any thing except to hit the poor.

People who want to obliterate themselves will find an alternative, like sniffing glue or boiling up datura etc if alcohol isn't available.

And when you get gross distortions like the "survey" in my post to try and make the case - I get mad

Lucia Maria said...


Your children have you as a parent, so they would have learned quite a lot from you about a whole lot of things.

There must be circles where it's common, I've read it a number of times and heard various people talk about it. The most recent being a woman who was writing about 17 dates in 17 days in one of the weekend papers maybe two weeks ago, who said what Kiwi hasn't got totally drunk and woken up with a perfect stranger in bed the next morning? She's not the only one, another wrote a year or so ago that that is how many Kiwis get their partners - they find them in bed with them presumably after drinking so much the inhibitions from the previous were wiped out.

Andrei said...

I know Lucia Maria, I know.

It is a hideously degraded culture we live in - ugly really.

Sometimes I think we are just animals wallowing in a barnyard and that's where our elites want us.

But banning sales of $4.99 bottles of wine at the supermarket is not going to fix it and that's a fact

KG said...

The point, surely, is that lying and twisting the stats to advance an agenda is an outrage. That those doing it regard the dishonesty as being in a "good cause" doesn't make it excusable.

Psycho Milt said...

And when you get gross distortions like the "survey" in my post to try and make the case - I get mad

The appropriate response. I think you were more accurate with the term "lie" in your post title than with "gross distortion" - this stuff is quite deliberately dishonest, so it's hard to see how any word other than "lie" should be used to describe it. It would be nice to have some journalists with bollocks at this point, to name the report for what it is.

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