Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lucia Crazy atheist movie bombs

The Ledge, a new atheist movie, has bombed at the box office generating only $5,176 after costing $10 million to make.
The director Matthew Chapman explicitly labeled it “the first overtly pro-atheist movie.”

Essentially, the plot is a nice oppressed married Christian woman (we know she’s oppressed because she wears her top button done) meets a cool roguish atheist dude who unbuttons her top button, if you know what I mean. Enter big bad Christian patriarchal oppressor husband who then becomes not so nice and Christiany and threatens to kill his wife unless the atheist dude jumps off the ledge. Will the atheist sacrifice himself for another?

Interesting that sacrifice comes into it.

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ZenTiger said...

A weak plot - atheist boss seduces his married employee (power relationship), and then caricature Christian husband wants to kill atheist boss.

Atheist boss uses the excuse for seduction that he couldn't control his feelings, so that makes it alright of course (atheists just lap those kind of justifications up) and of course married Christian wife is powerless to resist his charms.

The big question the film attempts to answer is if this one atheist is a more purer soul than this one Christian because he might sacrifice himself to save another.

The concept of sacrifice and greater love. A very Christian theme, still evident in the mind of an atheist movie producer who, although he has absorbed these Christian concepts in the culture around him, cannot actually articulate anything new, other than a crude portrayal of evil Christian versus noble atheist (disregarding the lack of self-mastery in our hero).

Not surprising it isn't doing particularly well.

MathewK said...

I saw that guy in Sons of Anarchy.

I don't get it, i saw the trailer and it doesn't make any sense. It's just stupid.

Perhaps that's why it bombed and burned.

Perhaps they should have used islam instead, that would be more realistic. But then it's really only the Christian God that irritates these cretins, well and taking islam on does require some balls.

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