Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Andrei Magical thinking

This from Stuff
Sport-related economic activity could bring in $14 billion to New Zealand by the end of the decade, according to research on the global impact of Rugby World Cup 2011.

The research, commissioned by MasterCard Worldwide, said the long term impacts would be achievable if New Zealand is able to capitalise on the hosting of RWC 2011 to attract future events.

The findings were presented at the heart of the RWC 2011's party central. The Cloud, in Auckland this afternoon.
The rub here is to attract future events.

Alas the story does not reveal what potential future events might be attracted. The Tour de France? Wimbledon?

The big one the Summer Olympics? or the perhaps the Winter Olympics?

Realty check - in New Zealand we play and follow certain sports for which we have facilities. There are plenty of other sports, which have minority followings and for which the facilities are not so well developed. We are only be able to host events where there is significant local interest and support to maintain the facilities for that sport.


Question: who are the Ice Ferns and what did they win in March this year and where?

Where are they competing next year and how closely do you think you will follow their progress?

The truth is the Ice Fernz will get 30 seconds on the sports news, if that, and life will go on as always.

Enjoy the rugby, I am, but let's all keep our heads on our shoulders and not get overly grandiose over it all.

Source: Sporting events could make NZ $14b richer

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ZenTiger said...

Sports certainly makes FIFA richer, usually at the expense of the country. I think they rake in a billion a year just from TV rights. Not bad for a sports organisation. Except the money is banked in Switzerland, not NZ.

Psycho Milt said...

The operative term here is "could." Sports events most definitely "could" make us $14 bil richer by the end of the decade. Likewise, I "could" start up a successful business and become fantastically rich by the end of the decade - just don't ask me to replace "could" with "will."

ZenTiger said...

Unless it's water polo, far too optimistic. I thought I read somewhere that due to AGW the sea level will be so high, even the sea level will be above sea level, and we'll all be swimming or in the waka.

Given the certainty of such science, I don't quite understand why the government hasn't adjusted all services to be wound up in a tidy fashion in the next few years.

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