Friday, September 2, 2011

Andrei Question of the Day

How many deaths of Aids sufferers around the world can be laid at the hands of the Catholic faith?
The answer to this is of course - none. People who follow the Catholic Church's teaching have nothing to fear from any STD, nothing at all.

The question is posed by a school teacher, head of personal, social and health education at Beal high school in Ilford, Essex, by day and a stripper come porn star by night.

His moonlighting came to light when pupils from his school surfing the internet came upon videos of him in action.

Anyway he got a telling off but is permitted to carry on teaching - spreading his poison to the young and impressionable at a time when their hormones are raging. This strikes me as evil but then what would I know.

Anyway this creature seeks to justify himself in the Guardian who give him the platform and it is from his screed that the question which starts this post comes.

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MathewK said...

I'm surprised they didn't organize a taxpayer funded tour for the kiddies at this fellow's night job. Perhaps there were muslim students in the class and the authorities were frightened to play with that fire.

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