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Doing a Bradford

[A reenactment of the crime. Please do not try this in your neighbourhood]

A concerned citizen (a school teacher) saw one child crash on their bike, and another who was partially responsible for the incident, going to ride off without parental supervision, clipped around the ear by his father and told to stay put, whilst the father tendered to the injury of the first child.

"I could see it was pretty serious, one kid potentially hurt - the other about to ride off and the father frazzled. So rather than offer to lend assistance, I thought instead it was more appropriate to call the police," said the informant, who declined to be named. "I need no further reward. Doing a Bradford is reward enough."

Six policemen turned up:
"Well, we considered just shooting him on the spot, but the kids were in the line of fire. Always concerned about the welfare of sprogs, we decided just to give him a dressing down and threatening to take the kids into state care. It didn't cross out mind to offer assistance.

As it turned out to be no big deal, putting this little incident on his permanent record seems to be an appropriate response.

His name is Mason by the way - M - A - S - O - N. Rhymes with Jason. That serial killer guy."
No one from the Greens, not even Sue Bradford, were prepared to say on record at this time that it was great the man had been publicly named. Neither did they point out that this was something they would like to see, and made no parallels to publishing the names of drunk drivers. Therefore, these points should not be assumed even though Sue Bradford has declared previously that such matters "prove the law is working".

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  1. "Offer to lend assistance?" And become an accessory after the fact? Are you mad? Best to get a denunciation in to the authorities instead.

  2. I guess this is the Green Vision of community involvement.

    I think it would be a lot more "community" if the informant simply went over and said "need a hand"?

    Reminds me of the time I was driving down the road and some mad bugger was walking towards me as if he were totally blind. Two other cars had swerved to avoid him.

    I realised he was totally blind.

    So I stopped my car in the middle of the road to act as a barrier, and helped the guy get back to a reference point he knew.

    I didn't call 111.

    It wasn't "some-one else's problem"

    I didn't go "tsk, tsk, he should get a seeing eye dog"

    What is it with some people nowadays?

  3. The nuts at KBB have let the cat out of the bag on the anti-smacking bill; they admit that the bill is all about social engineering and they do favour a system that hunts down and prosecutes parents for a smack because they know whats best for your kids

    Thats just one comment, the whole thread is very enlightening on the real left wing point of view on this issue.

    They also have a go at you Zen:

  4. That bunch having a go at someone means the target is obviously on the right track--I'd be worried if they approved.

  5. Thanks for the link Nick C. I left a reply to their question:

    Zentiger, the fundamentalist Christian writer on NZ Conservative (why does a hardcore Christian have a name featuring ’Zen’, a word from an adeist religion?))

    Ah grasshopper, there are many reasons for this. Before I can fill your mind with things like “facts” you must first empty it with those things that do not serve, like “false assumptions”, “ignorance” and “oops, my bad”.

  6. Unlikely to be successful, alas...
    We Aussies have a saying: "The inside edge of the cricket bat is oftimes the path to satori"

  7. Oath. You Aussies are a lot more enlightened than I realised.

  8. One once had long conversations with the wonderfully named Christmas Humphries--one of the West's leading authorities on Zen Buddhism. ;)
    Some of it actually "got in" as the lady in the toothpaste ads used to say...

  9. Go to to sign the petition calling for a referendum on this bad law. Just print it sign it send it!


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