Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lucia Pope Protest in Sydney

Gay and lesbian Christians will protest the Pope's condemnation of homosexuality ahead of World Youth Day, labelling his beliefs as right-wing propaganda.
Oh, that's just ridiculous!

The Pope's beliefs are founded on the Catholic Faith. If the Catholic Faith is "right wing propaganda", then I'm Dolly the Sheep!

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fugley said...

Hi, Dolly the Sheep

fugley said...

have you ever seen a picture of pope paul
have you ever asked yourself this question
would you trust this man with your soul now
would you trust this man ask yourself now
his eyes are sunken and his cheeks are hollow
while you dig the poor of the world they follow
he hoarding up their gold in the vatican
would you trust this man ask yourself now
a poke at the pope that's what we're havin'
ave maria
do you remember when the floods hit italy
how all the things they treasured most were destroyed
all the paintings and the worshipped images
'cos they lost their faith in the real god
he's goin' down and he's goin' down fast
you really didn't think the ignorance could last
all the little children are learning
and the constellation is turning
a poke at the pope that's what we're havin'
mumbling by the tumbling tide
the king of america humbly cried
save my soul save it soon
the king of america fell in swoon
oh yea my honey
oh yea my money

Libertyscott said...

Yes, "right wing propaganda" isn't a value judgment. Bigoted, narrow minded and immoral would be far more accurate. The bigger issue is what the Pope wants the state to do with homosexuals, or indeed why he even thinks it is his business.

Sb said...

Good Morning Dolly

Mr Dennis said...

There is nothing radical about the Pope (who of all people you would expect to be a strong Catholic) sticking to what the Catholic church has always taught.

Christianity teaches that homosexual behaviour is sinful - but it also teaches that a whole host of other things are sinful, such as adultery, failing to honour your parents, and even jealousy and lying. It is perfectly consistent with Christianity to teach that homosexual behaviour is sinful. It is NOT consistent with Christianity to either target homosexuality as a terrible sin while ignoring other sins that are occuring more frequently. On the other hand, nor is it consistent with Christianity to try to believe homosexual behaviour is not a sin but murder, lust and jealosy still are sins - you can't pick and choose what you like the sound of, the Bible says what it says.

It is also not consistent with Christianity to believe that homosexuals are worse than other people - they are just ordinary humans that struggle with a particular area of sin. Everyone struggles with sin in some way, whether it is a temptation to steal or just to lie or be jealous. All sin is equally sinful.

Also, sin is a personal choice. I agree with libertyscott that "the bigger issue is what the Pope wants the state to do with homosexuals". It is one thing to say homosexuality is a sin. It is another to say it should be illegal (just as it is one thing to say lying is a sin and another to say it should be illegal). If you try to make everything you disagree with for religious reasons illegal you end up with a theocracy like the oppressive Islamic republics around the world, and I don't think any of us would like to live in a country like that.

ZenTiger said...

the bigger issue is what the Pope wants the state to do with homosexuals

presuming he wants the state to do anything with them, of course. Can anyone give me some links?

LS - thanks for that foam inspired line "Bigoted, narrow minded and immoral would be far more accurate". However, it's not clear to me exactly what you are criticising the Pope for.

Tell me, why is buggery moral?

Is an example of narrow minded, in your world, one who doesn't support pedophilia? And before you go on about consent - what happens to your value system when the age of consent is lowered?

ZenTiger said...

Hey Liberty - not only the Catholic Church is apparently associated with the right wing. So are libertarians. Isn't it nice to think that the Catholic Church, as a "right wing propaganda" mouthpiece according to our readers here, are by association, speakers for the Libertarians.

Just ask Fugley and SB.

fugley said...

"Tell me, why is buggery moral?"

Perhaps you can tell me why you think buggery is IMmoral?

Maybe you haven't tried it, but I found it quite enjoyable, as did the woman who initiated it.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church, and in fact all churches I know of, believe there should be ~some~ mandatory public provision for the poor, the sick and the indigent. Most religious doctrine is nowhere near far right.

Libertarians are far to the right of the church on many issues.

ZenTiger said...

But not according to SB and Fugley Ruth. I think the left/right polemic a little old and doesn't properly address more complex positions. I suspect the Libertarians would agree with me. It shows when the likes of Fugley and SB reveal their thoughts.

A more telling dimension, and one dear to the Libz heart is those falling into the authoritarianism of the state and all others. Fugley, I suspect would fall heavily into the former. To Orwellian proportions (or should I say Stalinistic) proportions perhaps?

We could ask him I guess. Hey Fugley - do you believe that religious instruction should be banned by the State?

fugley said...

zen, I agree that the old left/right is out of date.

I am an old fashioned leftie, that is, I put people first. I have very little in common with thsoe you would call left - Labour, Greens, etc.

My personal preference is for all forms of religion to be eliminated as, just like the old left/right divide, religion has served its purpose and is now a drag.

However,that will take some time, so to answer your question, IMHO,

religion has no place in a secular society, it should be practiced in private, not public. That means no religious symbols should be publicly displayed.

Religion has no place in education,and that means the state should not fund religious schools nor should it permit the practice of religion in schools.

religious leaders should not be given preferential treatment in politics, nor ahould they be consulted as a matter of right on legislation.

Religion is a net drag on the economy and should lose its tax free status.

That is all (for now).

MathewK said...

I don't know why the homos are whining at the Pope. Are they stupid or something, he is not the Lord himself, it's the Lord himself who tells us the homosexuality is sinful. Whining at his followers ain't going to help, best take it up with him.

You can't sue, petition or protest your way into heaven.

Besides so what if the Pope thinks it's immoral, aren't lefties always banging on about tolerance for other peoples beliefs, so how about some tolerance. Or as i suspected, it's got nothing to do with tolerance but rather forcing their views down other people's throats.

fugley said...

So picking on the pope because his churches pick on poofters shows a lack of tolerance? Doesn't the pope picking on poofters also show a lockof tolerance?

Do you expect me to tolerate the intollerant?

Anyone got a spare communion wafer? As PZ says, its just a farkin cracker.

Lucia Maria said...

Fugley, as an ex-Catholic yourself, you know exactly what the big deal is.

fugley said...

Lucy, you must be confusing me with someone else -

Being married in a catholic church doesn't make me a catholic.

I am an ex-Presbyterian, if you must know. And there we just had squres of Tip Top. :-)

Lucia Maria said...

Fugley, and here I thought you were an ex-Catholic! Ok, then you truly don't know. I'll have to write up an explanation.

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