Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lucia How to look idiotic, a guide for Islamic countries

Recall your ambassador to the Vatican, because the Pope calls on you to protect your Christian minority from violent death because of their Christianity.
CAIRO: Egypt called home its Ambassador to the Vatican on Tuesday in protest of Pope Benedict XVI’s call for certain countries, including Egypt, do more to ensure Christians can practice their faith without discrimination or violence.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry strongly rejected the Pope’s statements and labeled them as “interference”.

“The Vatican’s new statements touch on Egyptian internal affairs, which Egypt considers an unacceptable interference,” a spokesman of the ministry said.

“Egypt will not allow non-Egyptians to interfere in its internal affairs under any pretext,” said Hossam Zaki, spokesman of Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Do they even realise how idiotic this makes them look?

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Anonymous said...

Slightly OT, but in reality, every country should recall their ambassadors to the Vatican, as it is not a Nation, it is an artificial construct of Mussolini's to gain papal approval for his facist government.

No women live in the Vatican, making it the world's only single sex "state".

No children are born there, and yet how often do we hear catholics railing the muslims are out breeding us?

Oh, that's right, no muslims and no mosques inthe Vatican, either. Why is that? Because it is not a nation or a state.

Anonymous said...

OK, back on topic.

Do they even realise how idiotic this makes them look?

I don't know, but as I've pointed out already, since the Vatican is not a state, why should Egypt listen to them?

Maybe they don't look quite as idiotic as the pope when he recently berated Pakisatn over its blasphemy laws. You know, Pakistan where there is barely a Catholic in sight, Pakistan where the pope is a virtual unknown.

Why didn't he pick on Ireland for ITS blasphemy laws, you know, Ireland, a country where you can't spit without hittin a catholic and where almost every house has apicture of the pope on the wall.

Why is Pakisatan's blashemy law bad when Ireland's is OK?

MathewK said...

Good riddance i say, don't come back.


How dare the imperialist Pope attack the Egyptian government over this.
Doesn't he realise that he should show sensitivity to other cultures.
If that includes slaughtering Christians, so be it.

ZenTiger said...

LRO, The Vatican is a City State, effectively a type of country and you'll just have to reconcile yourself to that. The Lateran Treaty was the culmination of events set in motion long before Mussolini, which included Italy taking back a lot of land formerly owned by the Papacy.

Obviously, it's not a traditional country due to it being only 110 acres in size, and functions as the administrative and spiritual headquarters of the Catholic Church.

That doesn't mean men women and children are not to be found within the walls - there are over 3,000 workers that enter the city every day and much larger numbers of visitors and tourists.

Oh, that's right, no muslims and no mosques in the Vatican, either. Why is that? Because it is not a nation or a state.

Actually, it is a state. I'm not sure why your definition of a state must include having mosques though. Are you feeling all right LRO, or are you thinking of converting to Islam?

ZenTiger said...

Why didn't he pick on Ireland for ITS blasphemy laws

Is that really your best argument? Oh dear.

Maybe it was something to do with Coptic Christians being killed that week?

In the case of Pakistan, maybe there was some major event that occurred during the week he commented, which also involved terrible injustice due to their inhumane blasphemy laws? I'm pretty sure I read something in the paper about it.

ZenTiger said...


Last time I checked, Amnesty International isn't a country. How dare they comment on Egyptian affairs:

Amnesty International today condemned the drive-by shooting on 6 January that killed seven individuals and injured dozens of others in the south of the country in an attack directed against Egypt’s Coptic minority. In light of the repeated threats against Copts in Egypt, the organization called on the Egyptian authorities to initiate a credible investigation into the shooting and to take measures to protect religious minorities from such attacks.

ZenTiger said...

That incident was back in January 2010. Persecution of the Coptic Christians is not new.

ZenTiger said...

Here's their statement for the recent massacre

Amnesty International strongly condemns the bomb attack perpetrated in the early hours of 1 January 2011 which targeted worshippers at a Coptic Christian church in Alexandria, killing 23 and injuring scores of others during a New Year midnight service. Amnesty International is calling on the Egyptian authorities to take comprehensive measures to protect Coptic Christians ahead of their celebration of Christmas on 7 January 2011.

scrubone said...

No women live in the Vatican, making it the world's only single sex "state".

Not even nuns?

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