Friday, October 14, 2011

Andrei Foolish Phil believes in magical money trees

The Rena’s oil is polluting plans for New Zealand’s deep sea oil drilling.
The Government wants it to go ahead, but Labour has now decided that what has happened here proves the risk is too big.
So Phil Goff has promised Labour will put a moratorium on any deep sea drilling.
An oil spill was always going to have political fallout. That means photo opportunities and politicians fighting each other on the beaches.

Rena Disaster sees Labour rush out policy to stop deep sea drilling
Jolly good.

But if we don't dig stuff up out of the ground, to sell to people who want to buy it where does the money come from to pay for all the early childhood educators, the doctors and nurses to run our hospitals, the plastic wakas and Maori films that nobody watches, the gender and queer studies lecturers, the plane fares to and accommodation at climate change conferences and so forth.

And when our children grow to adulthood and seek gainful employment to provide their means of support in this wicked world of tears what will they do?

And whatever it may be they end up doing where will they go to do it?

Do you know the answer that one Mr Goff? I do.


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Lucia Maria said...

I'm not sure if he's seriously trying to get elected, or if he's just putting up a good show to make it look like he is, knowing it's not Labour's turn yet.

Medusa said...

Of course Goff knows where the kids will be going, the same place HIS daughter went (and Cullens too)


The Gaffester rejects thousands of jobs.
He did it on the day Cameron accepted thousands of oil jobs for Shetland and Aberdeen.

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