Saturday, October 29, 2011

Andrei Transgendered children or child abuse?

Another story of a poor little boy whose life is being wrecked by gay activism.

No mention of a FATHER in any account of this perversity that I have read.

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Anonymous said...

You searched and couldn't find the word "father"; I searched and am unable to find the words "gay" or "activism".

Where are they? In you mind?

Andrei said...

LRO - when you push a boundary, it doesn't break so you complain vocally and loudly to the media that is called ACTIVISM.

And when you use children to do it - it is reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

Right andrei. So it was acvivism, maybe even reprehensible activism, but NOT GAY ACTIVISM.

Thanks for clearing that up, you and Lee01 at the other place make a great pair.

I thought one of the reasons Jesus was revered was for HIS activism. When does activism cease being good and become evil?

Perhaps you'd be better levelling your ire at the American Scouts; who ever heard of girl scouts, they're girl guides.

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