Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lucia Grey's Anatomy Finale last night was disturbing

Last night's Grey's Anatomy Season Seven finale has disturbed me.

One of the main characters, Christina Yang found out she was pregnant. She did not want the baby, did not want to be a mother and said to her husband when he was trying to convince her to stop and think about it all, said she wasn't a monster and of course she would love the baby if she had it. But she doesn't want it. I really wish that they had developed the idea that she already had a baby and she was deciding to kill it and not just wanting to end a pregnancy.

I know this is all made up and these people aren't real, however, many people watch this programme and it would be nice if these shows inspired people to do better in their lives rather than just retreating into absolute selfishness.

It looks like I'm not the only one that wanted Christina to keep her baby, check out this blog post by the writer and all the comments: Debora Cahn on "Unaccompanied Minor"...

I had to check if Christina did go ahead and keep the appointment for the abortion, so now I know. I won't spoil it for any Grey's Anatomy fans if you'd rather find out when the episode screens here. But if you do want to know, read this link: Season 8: She's gone.

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