Monday, October 3, 2011

Andrei Give them beer and circuses

We are six weeks out from an Election.

Ok - so what is on everybody's minds?
  1. Dan Carter's groin
  2. Jonah Lomu's kidney
  3. A mystery blond in a Queenstown Bar

  4. or if it is significant political issues you're interested in
  5. John Key's cat
  6. The placement of Jacinda Ardern's campaign signs

Of course if you think we should be discussing a variety of visions for the future and how to achieve them - well you'ld be s... out of luck.

Don't worry our betters have matters well in hand and will make sure we get what's good for them us.

They do know best after all

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ZenTiger said...

Well, there's the downgrade of our credit rating even while my local council feels a need to increase their debt from 54 million to 184 million and install water meters so they can sell off water rights later when the interest payments bite.

There's potential asset sales, reduction in KiwiSaver and talking about how many new taxes we need, even while the government changes the gift duty arrangement to make trusts a more attractive vehicle for tax evasion.

There's retrospective legislation to change the fundamentals of our justice system being pushed through under urgency and accelerated payouts for Treaty of Waitangi claimants even as new groups challenge the idea of "full and final" settlement being considered a mere down payment.

All drifting under the blanket of greater issues, like Rugby, Coronation Street and more rugby.

But perhaps not so much about the millions NZ will spend on the rugby.


Has the government arranged a new series of X Factor?
What about Strictly Come Dancing With the Stars?
If not, it is not doing its job properly!

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