Monday, October 3, 2011

Andrei Governments finding novel ways to introduce new taxes

I like butter, I like bacon. So do most people.

Some people are unhealthy, some people are over weight or obese.

In the minds of collectivists and those who have a weight problem these people obviously eat to much bacon and butter and therefore, the so reasoning goes, everybody should eat less butter and bacon.

And the way to make people eat less butter and bacon and more of approved foods like tofu (urk) is to apply a tax to it so as to make it more expensive for everybody.

This actually only affects the poor who are more easily pushed around but Governments are pathologically addicted to raising taxes - more revenue to mispend.

Denmark, a dairying country has obliged with a fat tax.

How long before this vile idea spreads and arrives on our shores?

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ZenTiger said...

What's worse, it was introduced by a Conservative Party.

Government is supposed to protect us from others. When it decides to protect us from ourselves, it implies we don't actually have the right, let alone the freedom, to manage our own lives.

Psycho Milt said...

Not to mention the fact that it's missing any actual scientific evidence that reducing saturated fat intake increases life expectancy. Mind you, that evidence would be pretty hard to refer to seeing as it doesn't exist.

ZenTiger said...

Indeed. Once butter kept people alive, just as carbon dioxide fed trees. Both are now considered pollutants by the government, with the excuse that these taxes will save lives and the planet.

Why do we need elections when everything is already sorted?

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