Monday, October 10, 2011

ZenTiger What children deserve

Sean Plunket has written an opinion piece on the fact that it seems a bit rich for parents to split up and organise things to maximize living off tax payer benefits. It can be financially more lucrative than working apparently. But to give you an indication of just how far we let our standards slip, one comment jumped out at me:
children...deserve the love and support of at least one of their parents
No Sean, children deserve the love and support of both parents. And they deserve parents that stay together and raise children as a family. That's what they deserve. Life doesn't always give them that, but the danger of lowering the bar again and again is that we get to the point where we think children only deserve to be fed, clothed and educated. Anything else is overly idealistic tosh unbecoming of a modern society where broken families are not just a norm, but an expectation.

Sean suggests in his piece that raising your children is a fundamental duty, and I agree. Do you?
Link: State obligations to fund parental abdication

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