Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lucia Quo Vadis?

Last week, rather than blogging, I was reading Quo Vadis?

This book was written more than a century ago by a Polish writer; it was so popular it was translated into multiple languages including English, and then made into an epic movie in 1951.  For only 99c American (for the Kindle), it was more than a bargain.

"Quo vadis?" is Latin for, "Where are you going?"  On the cover of the book you can see Christ with His Cross pointing forward, and a man looking at Him, stunned.  It is St Peter who asks Jesus where He is going, and Jesus replies, that He's going to Rome, to be crucified again to redeem the city.

But the story is not about that as such, it's main characters are Romans, who are typical Romans in the time of the Emperor Nero (reigned 54 - 68 A.D.), and their interaction with the Christians of that time.  It includes the fire of Rome and the persecution of the Christians and woven through is a love story and the transformation of some of the characters.

I loved the book.  I am almost bereft now that I'm finished.  I would recommend it to any person who would like a stronger understanding of what early Christians times in Rome were like and to anyone who is struggling to understand Christianity in general.

Here's the Quo Vadis (1951), Theatrical Trailer:

Quo Vadis [Blu-ray]
Quo Vadis (Two-Disc Special Edition)

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Muerk said...

I LOVE Quo Vardis. I also love The Robe.

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