Monday, October 24, 2011

Andrei Monuments to the vanity of man

Movie 1: Site Clearance Movie 2:The site in use today


The image above is the "Palace of the Soviets" a planned monument to the new world order.

Work on its construction began 1n 1937 but never got very far - if built it would have been a monument to man's vanity but it wasn't built - things just kept on getting in the way and obstacles to its construction were never overcome

Zen's post below bought it to mind - those who would reshape humanity in their own image are with us still. Same old story really - in the old supposedly irrelevent book the Bible we can read the story of the Tower of Babel an attempt to build a tower to reach heaven by a people who had rebelled against God. And the failure of that enterprise as all enterprises will sooner or later once you loose sight of God.

Now here's a curious thing, the site upon which this magnificant structure was to rise once held a Cathedral, dedicated not to the magnificance of humanity but to Christ the Saviour. Indeed that was its name "Christ the Saviour Cathedral". And it was destroyed, razed to the ground to make way for this new ediface.

Now this is where it gets curious, in 1990 permission was given to the Church to rebuild the original Cathedral and while things did not always go smoothly or without controversy by 1996 parts of the Church were in regular use for worship and by 2000 the final structure was consecrated for use as a place of worship, as seen in movie 2 during Easter 2009.

There is a moral here but I suspect it will go right over the heads of the secular

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Anonymous said...

Yes andrei. I guess the message did go right over my head.

The Tower of Babel enterprise did not fail because Man lost sight of god, rather it failed because god, in his infinite insecurity, destroyed what Man had wrought.

As god said "nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do." In other words, Man was growing in strength, and outgrowing god. And god could not accept that his creation was now greater than him.

In other words, your "moral" here is exactly the same as the father who belittles his son when the son shows he will be greater than the father.

Andrei said...

This post aint about the Tower of Babel LRO, it is about hubris.

And the builders of Tower of Babel exhibited hubris - the whole exercise led to naught.

Consider this LRO the hole in the ground left after 9/11 is still after ten years a hole in the ground.

And yet in just a few years a great Cathedral rose from another hole in the ground - something to worth thinking about - no?

ZenTiger said...

Your lack of belief in God LRO, makes you very adept at making up unbelievable stories about God. It's an illogical assumption that relies on placing human motives on God's actions.

A father preventing a son from running across the road when cars approach, is no doubt jealous of his son's freedom to pay little heed to his rules.

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