Sunday, October 30, 2011

Andrei Going off the deep end

Election silly season
So we can expect political posturing from our pollies.

Stuff like this from Gareth Hughes
Hughes last night called for an independent inquiry, saying many New Zealanders would be "shocked" at the magnitude of the shipments, some of which could eventually be used in weapons.

"We have to look at the history of these shipments. Why did the authority fail to approve it for so long, do we have adequate safeguards and response strategies, and what role is New Zealand playing in the international nuclear cycle?" he said.

"Radioactive yellowcake uranium is on between six and 30 containers on these fortnightly shipments and it is deeply concerning that the government has allowed these shipments to occur. I think many Kiwis will be shocked."
Are you shocked? Or even deeply concerned?

Not me - hell you go into many of our stone "heritage" buildings and they are more "toxic" and radioactive than a drum of yellowcake.

But can you imagine the fuss if we were to bowl them over in the name of public safety.

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Redbaiter said...

If this little brainwashed commie traitor is so concerned about nuclear weapons why doesn't he take his protests to the Communist Chinese?

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