Thursday, October 13, 2011

Andrei Goofball at it again

It is the nature of the beast that things go wrong from time to time, nature throws a curveball or somebody messes up big time.

We all try to find ways of mitigating these things but the world will never be perfect.

Silly Philly thinks the answer to this is giving more money to bureaucrats. Some of us might wonder why the Labour Government of Helen Clark appointed a female accountant to head Maritime New Zealand instead of recruiting a Master Mariner or Marine Engineer, someone who might actually give the impression of knowing what they are talking about, but there you go. I guess bureaucracies need bureaucrats.
Labour is laying in to the Government over a "funding freeze" at Maritime New Zealand (MNZ), which it says may have contributed to the Rena disaster.

The party has, until today, been cautious about attacking the response to the ship's grounding.

But leader Phil Goff this morning said a funding freeze at MNZ had "starved the organisation" of the money it needed to operate effectively.
Of course when the rubber meets the road as it has here then they have to turn to the people with the skills, well actually that is who the ships owners have turned to for obvious reasons.

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macdoctor said...

And yet Maritime NZ has mobilized it's resources within 6 hours of the Rena running aground and had them all ready to go the following day; well before the big oil spill.

The big hold up was having to change the configuration of the pipes from the fuel holds before pumping could start. Apparently this was a devilishly hard job.

What a pity they didn't ask Phil, who, presumably, could have done it with a mere wave of his hand...

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