Monday, October 10, 2011

Andrei Oh no! It's an ecological catastrophe

Shocking image of an ecological disaster area.

A place of horror where thousands of animals of have become trapped in the sticky petroleum and lost their lives.

A truly horrendous disaster.

No it is not the "toxic waste" polluting the beaches of Tauranga, it is this place and it has been doing this all by itself for tens of thousands of years and guess what - despite this "pollution" which has nothing whatsoever to do with human activities the world has continued to turn.

It's not good that there is oil on the beaches, but it will clear itself up in the fullness of time all by itself and the world wont end even if all the oil on the Rena ends up spilled into the sea.

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Lucia Maria said...

Some one on the radio today suggested that the best way to clean it up would be to set fire to it. Can you imagine the outcry if that were to occur?

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