Saturday, October 29, 2011

Andrei Gushing over mediocrity

The BBC approves, the New York Times does as well and so does Julia Gillard - An historic change, driven by David Cameron, to the institution of British Monarchy.

From now on primogeniture will not apply to the British Monarchy and a first born girl will take precedence over a younger first born son in keeping with 21st century sensibilities.

What does that mean to you and I as we go about our daily business?

Should we be excited that an as yet unborn girl may at some future date marry a Roman Catholic and succeed to the British Throne?

Yes this is an issue our betters feel the need to address - the rights of a hypothetical girl, who if and when born, will be born into privilege.

A significant nothing my friends, something that will not change a thing in your lives and most likely will not even come into play in your lifetime.

Still it does show how modern we now are.

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