Thursday, October 6, 2011

ZenTiger Modern Marriage

More insanity around redefining marriage. This time, marriage is suggested to be a life long committment lasting 24 months.

Like a phone plan.

The warranty on the toaster you get given at the reception will actually last longer than the marriage. And no doubt, has more value to such people.

This cunning proposal comes from the left wing liberals and communists aptly named "The Party of the Democratic Revolution". I think it's much more enlightened to destroy society by popular vote. These kinds of acts of social violence underscore the point that when people abandon integrity and morality as a yardstick to judge themselves, they simply change the meaning of words to fit the way they prefer to use them. Marriage can simply become a 2 year renewable license, (with the obligatory government fees) and no-one is wronged or betrayed or let down if they decide to end the marriage because they were busy wronging, betraying or letting down their partner.

Now all they need to do is to legalise post-birth abortion to clean up any of the mess and inconvenience once the license ends.

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KG said...

Spot-on, Zen!

Redbaiter said...

I see that organization is one of 2 Mexican affiliates of the Socialist International.

Socialist International is an organization that plays a big part in the spread of global communism. Helen Klark was its chief Information Officer (or some such title) for years and many others from the NZ Labour party are members.

KG said...

Careful, RB--the trolls will come rushing in to accuse you of seeing "reds under the bed".
The fact that under the bed is crowded with reds somehow isn't mentionable....

Redbaiter said...

Yep, in facts its so damn bad a lot of people can't even get into their damn bed 'cause the Reds have already taken it.

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