Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Andrei How about issuing puke bags?

Maritime New Zealand is considering issuing face masks to people living near beaches affected by oil from crippled cargo ship Rena.

NZ Herald: It's even worse than we thought
The USS Arizona is a war memorial. It has been leaking oil for darn near seventy years now. Millions of people have visited to pay their respects over the years and not one of them has needed a "face mask".

Why can't bunker oil be discussed without being prefixed the adjective "toxic"?

And why are officials and Government ministers running around like headless chooks?

I assume the adults, in the form of marine salvors, have arrived and hopefully they will be able to get on with it - it's a big job way way above the pay grade of any Kiwi Civil servant or Government Minister.

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KG said...

It's just OIL fer cryin' out loud!
(mind you, a thoroughly infantilised population will probably do as nanny says and don face masks.)

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