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Shades of Cindy Kiro

A few thoughts bubbling around after the leaders debate, the last most chilling:

How logical is it to say we need tried and tested Labour to manage the current world-wide financial crisis, when the books were done prior to the meltdown to reveal 10 years of deficits and doubling of unemployment? That’s bad financial management. In a period of world-wide good times, we slipped on the OECD rankings.

Also, Clarke's stab at Key being too new for the job compared to Helen, and her cabinet of long time career politicians…and then to complain that Key’s cabinet would be filled with ... long time career politicians. Ooh err.

Mostly though, did anyone notice that Helen Clark wants to introduce “testing” and evaluation of children prior to starting school to see if they are emotionally adjusted or not? And she had the gall to complain about John Key wanting to test for literacy.

I can see a new level of Cindy Kiro’s master plan of profiling every child according to the anti-family leftist “are they on Ritalin yet” management of “problem” children.

Has anyone been tracking this policy, or is this a new entrant to the election? Let's find out how much money will be spent, what the test questions are, who the people are that will be doing these psych profiles on our children and who looks after the information? Shades of Cindy Kiro and her master plan to manage every child.

Ironically, Clark got annoyed at the "nanny state" accusation over the latest government plan to regulate shower flow rates, and doesn't understand that even to have such issues raised by a growing bureaucracy is the problem, not the rights and wrongs over a small matter. But the above new policy on child profiling is totally nanny state, and it continues the slide into madness.

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  1. when the books were done prior to the meltdown to reveal 10 years of deficits and doubling of unemployment?

    This, as Peter Dunne said this morning, assumes that nothing changes, that government takes no action. If the defecits are set in stone, why bother changing goverment as they won't be able to do anything about it.

    This is simply a snapshot of the books. I did a similar snapshot on my own business two years back and the result showed me going out of busienss fast. I made changes, I adapted the business and rather than going under, I am swiming in a nice profit.

    The PREFU is not infallible. Did the last PREFU predict this one? No.

  2. Exactly Fugley. A timely warning as to the perils of voting Labour.

  3. Screening children.. Zen yes, I did notice that , wondered if it was a reference to the Kiro screening scheme.... we should look int its progress, huh?

  4. This is all I've found so far - an eye test and a hearing test.

    Labour will also help prepare young children for school with our new free “School Ready” check ups which are rolling out across the country. To succeed in the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, our children need to be able to see the board and hear their teacher. If they can’t, then we need to pick that up as early as possible so we can address it. These checks will help ensure that all New Zealand children have the opportunity to succeed, and our children arrive at school ready and able to learn.

    It sounded much different last night, I'll have to replay her words and see if I got the wrong end of the stick.

  5. Zen, I definitely heard what you heard. It was indeed worrying.


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