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ZenTiger A week at NZ Conservative (11 Oct 2008)

For our occasional visitors, here's a summary of the last week of posts on NZ Conservative:

Electioneering and Other Matters [ZenTiger]
Black Adder foreshadows the elections. Are we talking Democrats or Labour? You decide.

Friday Night Free for All [ZenTiger]
A few thoughts on National's tax package and Labour's failure to comment on the impact the financial crisis has on their own tax package. And then delve into the comments with a glass of wine and some chicken drumsticks. Recipe provided.

Labour Double Dipping [ZenTiger]
When other parties are restricted to as little as $64 per day for electioneering, why does Labour get a few million extra? It's all paid by Parliamentary Service, who got the money from us. It's double-dipping as only socialists know how.

DR Congo rebels capture strategic bases [ZenTiger]
Violence in the barely Democratic Republic of Congo escalates as rebels take plenty of guns and ammunition from an army base camp. Not looking good.

Princess Palin
Sarah Palin is possibly related to Lady Spencer and FDR (aren't we all?). Some lefty wingnut then rabbits on about his Teddy. No, don't expect it to make sense, but don't worry, the Democrat Dead Ducks will find something else to muck rake on.

NZ University rankings are down and out of top 50 [Greg]
Our new blog author points out that NZ Universities are slipping in the world rankings. Not only interest free loans, but perhaps money back guarantees are in order? Find out more reasons to head over the ditch.

Cold Shower Rains on Nanny State [ZenTiger]
The dangers of unchecked bureaucracy. Now, even a decent shower is under threat. So, will inspectors demand to see your shower at any day or any time? Why do only the Greens think this a good idea?

Wrecking Our Chance [ZenTiger]
Prime Minister Helen Clark sounding more like the leader of the opposition with petty and viperous commentary. Break down the soundbites and we can see it backfires for more reasons than one. She's counting on swing voters loving this sort of stuff. Maybe they do?

Death and Taxes [ZenTiger]
Only two things are certain in life. And its not early parole and rebates. Still, the left seem to think two wrongs make a right. The policies aren't great, but have you seen Labour's??

Qantas Drop Zone [ZenTiger]
Another sudden drop in altitude and several people caught without seat belts are seriously injured. Probably just an air pocket, but some want to blame laptop computers. And will Qantas rise above a series of safety breaches?

Women's Work [ZenTiger]
When all is said and done, the McCain camp seems to hire more women and pay them better than the Obama camp. Not really worth discussing, except Obama was the one accusing McCain of being a misogynist slaver.

The Catholic position on abortion vs war or capital punishment [Lucyna]
Why abortion is more evil than other ways of killing people. One of the common reasons for saying "No" to capital punishment is that the state *might* kill an innocent person. Just a might, instead of a definite. No wonder pro-abortion people don't want to admit a pre-born human is anything like an individual live human.

My two year anniversary of my return to the Catholic Faith [Lucyna]
How the sacrifice of one person demonstrates a love for others that gives us an insight into the Christian message. Contrast this with the destruction in the Iliad and looking at the history of mankind the last 2000 years, we see it is important to recognise the positive influence Christianity has had on our development. To get a deeper perspective, follow the links of Saint Maximilian Kolbe all the way to the Virgin Mary.

Are People Really That Stupid [ZenTiger]
Don't answer that, but you might want to see examples of people who, even when presented with some really good clues, they remain clueless.

Barrack Test [ZenTiger]
I failed the Barrack test. I didn't even spell his name right. You can take the test, or you can just fall to your knees and worship him like all of those that have passed.

Cullen's Fiscal Prudence [ZenTiger]
The Reserve Bank opened the books today. This is the day we thank Ruth Richardson (National) for getting this law through. And yes, there was so much red ink it should have been a blood bath for Labour. Instead, the media go "la la la". Time to run the story on the annual paint drying competitions. They have a 15 minute segment on Campbell watching it dry. La La La.

UN envoy requests troop surge [ZenTiger]
The jungle drums say more troops in the Congo before an army camp is attacked by rebels and people die and stuff. Nothing to do with America, so forget I mentioned it. Sorry. I knew I should have run with the Gitmo story.

For The Record [ZenTiger]
A dairy owner is arrested for being too violent after 4 youths attack him and his wife and others. He's stabbed, she's in hospital but the police say there is a bigger story. We are keen to hear more.

Life with National [ZenTiger]
National release their law and order policy. Two strikes and you are out versus the left's offer - twenty strikes and we'll really get serious.

Care for a Swim [ZenTiger]
A post with Croatian Dwarfs, transsexuals, passport burning refugees, muslim women and me and my towel. What more could a post want or need?

The Greens War on Climate change [ZenTiger]
I predict Russel Norman's State of the Planet Speech. It's pretty accurate actually. If you don't believe me, keep an eye on the Greens.

Al Qaeda over Yonder [ZenTiger]
Michael Yon is on the ground in Iraq, and we hear the terrorists are actually losing. Remember, there are a lot of Iraqis in Iraq, and many of them are nice people absolutely sick of terrorists.

Archbishop describes parish as "out of communion" [Greg ]
A Catholic Church in Brisbane doesn't quite understand the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism. Disappointingly, they confuse approval with love. It is possible to love someone without approving of their behaviour.

Climate change linked to increased dependency on Russia for gas [Lucyna]
The EU just loves the idea of huge taxes, less energy and greater dependency on Russia. This is why we call them the intelligentsia.

TUMEKE Stats for September 2008 [ZenTiger]
Boring blogging stuff, our stats are fairly stable - around 200 visitors a day. The only slightly interesting thing here is that our data helped adjust the Tumeke estimated unique visits for sites not using stat counters. Many will find their stats have been over-inflated and there may be a bit of a shuffle when the latest results are published.

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