Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lucia Earth Hour: Worshipping the Environment

I forgot to add The Environment when I listed the modern gods we sacrifice our unborn babies to.

While I won't be joining the anti-Earth hour protest (hattip M&M), I also will not turn anything off in order to join in with those who want to turn the lights off for the planet.

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MathewK said...

Good for you Lucyna, i ddin't turn anything off either, earth hour and all that went by just like any other hour. I saw on the news today that many of these fools traveled into their various big cities to watch the lights go off and see what it's like in the dark.

The energy used up to get there was lost on these fools and also the fact that looking at your city in darkness is similar to just turning off the lights and groping around in the garden at night.

walter said...

I turned every light in the house on! These earth-worshippers don't get it - God created enough resources to fulfil His plan, no more, no less. His plan is to destroy this earth when He has finished with it. To conserve resources would be to go against His plan.

ZenTiger said...

Sadly, you've made a common mistake with regards to God's plan, and have come across a fake plan that has suckered many fine people.

We have to conserve resources so that God has something to destroy when he's finished with it. Otherwise it's hardly worth the effort really.

So: conservation in.

Pointless and meaningless gestures out.

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