Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Andrei It is still illegal to ride a bike naked in New Zealand

You have to protect your head but not your dangly bits apparently.

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Lucia Maria said...

That's a very strange ruling. I thought that the law was such in NZ, that if a person is offended by a naked person in an inappropriate place, that it would be illegal for that person to be naked. That was what was said when our council tried to turn our beaches into naked haunts, and then that idiot from the Hutt or maybe East of there came over to sunbathe without any coverings. He was moved on very quickly by police.

ZenTiger said...

The title threw me. It appears LEGAL to ride a bike naked in NZ, apparently.

I hope this doesn't lead to an ACC blowout on gravel rash.

ZenTiger said...

This obviously leaves things wide open for the ruling judge to head down to the local kindergarten in a raincoat which he can discard as he revels in his new freedom, should he decide the law works on precedents.

Go judge! Just make sure you keep your wig on to maintain a sense of propriety.

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