Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Andrei What an abortion!

It had to happen I suppose, a woman has posted about her abortion on Youtube and tweeted it as it occurred..

One "antitheistangie" decided to expound on the miracle drug RU-486 after taking it.

Well a baby dies and she garners her fifteen minutes of fame and life goes on.

Why do I have the ominous feeling we are in the midst of a culture committing suicide?

Most probably because we are.

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Here I Stand said...

Why perpeutate the nonsense by providing the links Andrei? If we had wanted/needed to verify that you weren't lying I suspect google would have done the honours quite nicely...

Tanya Stebbing said...

Blood curdling stuff, how revolting. I hope she is proud of herself, and that her fifteen minutes of fame was worth it. (Course she could have had a gorgeous baby instead...). Sickening. Sign of a world gone mad, alright.

ZenTiger said...

Here I Stand - tough call. Putting links is somewhat of a courtesy to let people find the reference quickly, and often the full reference provides detailed information. Comments left against the You-Tube video can be enlightening for example.

Where the content isn't offensive or too adult, we often embed the clip directly on the post. In this instance, I think Andrei has done the right thing.

I also wonder about how much oxygen we give to oxygen thieves. Sometimes it's better not to stir the pot. however, that then runs the risk of seeming to sit quietly by not prepared to say anything at all. It seems by saying something, the occasional person who is otherwise oblivious to this might pause to think through what they are seeing, and realise that speaking out is becoming increasingly necessary.

MathewK said...

The pro-death people should be very happy, what next, TV shows of abortion.

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