Saturday, March 20, 2010

ZenTiger ZenTiger's Super Powers

I was recently thinking it would be great to have super powers. When I was a kid, I was an avid comic reader, and the traditional super powers of flying, super strength, invulnerability and so forth were all very cool.

I was thinking though of other super powers for a modern world that were not so screamingly obvious, and didn't require the wearing of tights or masks or horn rimmed spectacles. Not that people need super powers to dress inappropriately.

So I've tried to come up with a list of 5 top super powers that aren't the standard super powers. I've also tried to list another way of achieving this power, so we'll see how that goes. I could have got to 10, but I might take all the good ones. I'm sure our readers could contribute on that score and get the list to the standard "top 10". Anyone here have a super power of blog commenting? Well, do ya?

Here's my list:

1. Comprehend Languages. It would be the coolest thing to be able to instantly understand and be able to read, write and speak ANY language in the world, ever! The ability to communicate with "foreigners" in their native tongue would surely be a great way to build trust and understanding? Just imagine all those conversations one hears on a bus and never understands? Of course, such a power could be used to improve ones chances of negotiating a good price in a foreign bazaar or market place some-where. Perhaps that is straying into the evil use of powers though, so I'll leave it there. What a great power though. One day we might achieve this through technology, or perhaps we'll all learn a universal language?

--Alternate current power people have: A winning smile.

2. Know names. So, the moment you meet some-one, you know their name. Instantly, and it's always there in your mind when you need to recall it. Maybe you also know the names of their family members too. Why stop there? Perhaps it would be handy to know their birthday and favourite pet, sport and line of work.

--Alternate current power people have: A good memory and ability to listen (may require asking a few questions to disarm your opponent).

3. Teleport. OK, so this probably falls into the "traditional" category but I can't help myself. It would just be so handy to teleport anywhere instantly. I'd save heaps on travel costs, heaps on time and could pop home for lunches and maybe even run a courier business on the side?

--Alternate power: Video conferencing and working from home.

4. Healing Touch. It would be great to be able to detect and heal the emotional pain of others. Although, maybe that would create all sorts of complications or unforeseen flow on effects? The pain is there for a reason, and what would removing it, by the merest of touches change in that person? Requires more thought perhaps.

--Alternate power: Love! I can't speak for everybody, but I will in this instance. We can all do a better job of keeping our hearts open and looking to demonstrate the love we have for our family. I'm not particularly good at it, but not for lack of desire. Also, I can't see why that cannot be extended well beyond the family to others. A super power there for the taking.

5. Iron Will. A very handy super power that would be. Self discipline has to be one of the fundamentals that enable a person to improve themselves in other areas Mine is variable. I can think of activities, instances or times where I display phenomenal will power, and others (too many others) where I am hopeless. It's got to be a biggie, so I'm getting it into the top 5.

--Alternate power: Forming good habits. Break goals down to smaller chunks, and set activities in a schedule that encourages habit-forming patterns and rituals and you might just find yourself acting as if you are exercising enormous will power. It might not be the same, but it's going to be close.

So, anyone want to help me to 10? What non-traditional super powers would you like?

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Francis W. Porretto said...

The ability to know others' motives, without uncertainty or ambiguity, even if those others don't know them themselves!

ZenTiger said...

I like it. I guess the alternate super power would be a culture that was more predisposed to truth.

I notice this theme coming out in a (relatively) new wave of TV programs where the hero is adept at detecting falsehoods, a la "Lie To Me"

homepaddock said...

Thank you for this very thoughtful and thought provoking post.

I'd add:
* the power to truly forgive and fully forget slights.

* the power to foresee unforeseen consequences.

Shem Banbury said...

Firstly, thanks for the post. To often blogs are crammed with pointless debates about what some politician has said. Do they ever make a difference?? No. Posts like this however are what the web should be about. Debating the real issues of life

Everyone here seems to be missing the point. Sure flashy personal characteristics might sound good but for me there are other reasons why I like being a superhero - sorry would like to be a super hero.

1. The outfit. Nothing does it for me like tight lyrca. This is one of the reasons I do triathlon and cycling the perfect excuse to wear items that are perhaps a little tight.

2. The car. I am sick of squeezing my family into the caldina. What I need is super hero car complete with rocket launcher and black paint job. Alternatively I could go with the rocket launcher space pack on my back.

3. As for super powers I would go with the spiderman web. Imagine controlling my kids down town with that thing!!! I could keep an eye on them from a hundred meters away.

4. Fianlly the best bit about being a super hero would be people not recognising you. Take Superman. He looks the same in real life as he does in his suit and nobody makes the connection. I think that would be cool. It would mean you could do what ever you wanted - streak at the rugby etc - and you would never get caught!!!

Brian Barker said...

I think that the World needs a modern lingua franca, as well :)

The phrase "everyone speaks English" is indeed an urban legend.

Yet people also claim "no-one speaks Esperanto" which is also untrue.

If you have a moment please look at

Dr Kvasnak teaches English at Florida Atlantic University.

I.M Fletcher said...

You know, we Christians are supposed to have 'super powers'. Jesus says in John 14:12 "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father."

And there have been saints that have done amazing things, like Padre Pio (bi-location, flying, knowing the sins of others). Perhaps we are not holy enough, or have been too distracted by the things of the world.

Oswald Bastable said...

I will stick with my time-travelling monkey-business!

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