Saturday, March 6, 2010

ZenTiger Pole Dancing goes for Gold

[Gratuitous Pole Dancing Clip at end of post]
I could definitely see pole dancing in the Olympics," said Sato, who, a dancer since the age of three, out-twirled a bevy of athletes from 11 countries at the second International Pole Dancing Fitness Championships in Tokyo two months ago. "I would love to win a gold medal."
After Synchronized Swimming making it to the Olympics officially in 1984, being a form of water ballet, it comes as no surprise that the pole dancers are on the slippery slope to be showered in gold. Unfairly, men are denied an event in synchronized swimming, and skimpy costumes and twirling forms seem to be relegated to the women. However, if pole dancing makes it on to the Olympic list, there must be a lot of fireman that would want a shot at a medal. Chances are though, it will also remain an all women event. Except for the audience, of course.

I had assumed that Pole Dancing was more a dance form than a sport. We don't see ballet in the Olympics, but there is no question you need to be fit and acrobatic to be a top ballet performer. Oops, I said "performer" rather than "sports person", and my take on sports is that if it is all about the performance rather than the competition, you are skating on thin ice. Like those incredible ice skating dancing folk that win gold.

If pole dancing was made an Olympic sport, would it be focused only on technical skill and choreography in order not to appear frivolous? I mean, how do you score erotica as a sport?

No disrespect meant here to those that enjoy a bit of pole dancing as a sport rather than a dance form, but hey - cricket, squash, baseball and tea drinking are out, as currently is belly dancing, ballet, singing, air guitar, running naked backwards and sex (singles, doubles, mixed doubles, coxless fours, relay etc).

But how much longer?

Pole Position Required to Win Gold

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Unknown said...

Hey, they could always bring back the sculpture and town planning events.

Shem Banbury said...

I am divided on this issue.

Having just watch your video I set up my rake in the back lawn with my 3 year old boy holding it, and attempted some of those moves. One ruptured groin later I can confirm that some of those moves are difficult to perform and therefors it could be classed as a sport.

However, this sport would need a judge. In my view an sport which requires a judge to determine the overall winner is not a sport. i.e gymnastics and diving.

A compromise could be 'pole racing' - first to the top wins. Or 'drag pole' where you have to drag a weight up a pole and the person to do the biggest weight wins.

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