Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Andrei But, but it is his own private business surely

Husband admits having two wives.

I know why this is wrong and why it is an offense under New Zealand statutes, and English and American ones for that matter.

But what harm does it do for this man to marry another woman without divorcing his first wife?

Nobody is hurt are they?

It is his own private affair and nobody's business but his own?

Surely in this modern day and age it is archaic to restrict a man to one wife at a time regardless of whether they all cohabit or not?

He wouldn't have committed an offense if he had just shacked up with wife one despite having two children with her now would have he.

So what does that piece of paper really mean?

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Reggie said...

Well, there are already eggheads in the media opining about it, Farrar is all for it, hell, the Libz want blood relatives to have the "right" to "marry" too.

(just to ensure society goes to hell in a hand cart that much quicker)

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