Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Andrei Scaring us into compliance and servitude

Recycled United Nations bumph from Reuters and published on Stuff complete with that wonderful tightly cropped picture and caption to left.

The end approacheth and this is our (hot) future.

You'll be surprised, no doubt, to learn that the expert panel who produced the report has no less than 56 recommendations that we may avert our doom.

As reported we see er well the usual bureaucratic boilerplate
Among the panel's recommendations, it urged governments to agree on a set of sustainable development goals which would complement the eight Millennium Development Goals to 2015 and create a framework for action after 2015.
Indeed! frameworks for action incorporating sustainable development goals are indeed very useful in providing sustenance for those who produce them but have never really accomplished anything when it comes to the sustenance of the poor in East Africa.
They should work with international organizations to create an "evergreen revolution," which would at least double productivity while reducing resource use and avoiding further biodiversity losses, the report said.

Water and marine ecosystems should be managed more efficiently and there should be universal access to affordable sustainable energy by 2030.
Doubling productivity while reducing resource usage - huh? What is going to be produced and from what will it be produced? I'll tell you something the UN has way more than doubled its productivity when it comes to producing empty words but I'll bet you its resource usage in this noble endevour has not reduced in the entirety of its existence - indeed I put it to you that it has continued to grow since 1945 or 1949 depending on wherever you choose place its beginning.
To make the economy more sustainable, carbon and natural resource pricing should be established through taxation, regulation or emissions trading schemes by 2020 and fossil fuel subsidies should also be phased out by that time.
There is not a problem in this world that cannot be solved by new taxes and levies. It is the universal panacea for all the worlds problems you might think.
National fiscal and credit systems should be reformed to provide long-term incentives for sustainable practices as well as disincentives for unsustainable ones.
Good thing about defining an activity as sustainable or otherwise is that if you are the one who does the defining you can control what other people can or can't do.

Enough already, you get the gist, we need more Government, more bureaucrats, more rules and regulations for them to administer otherwise ........

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