Sunday, January 15, 2012

Andrei The long cold summer

Ele lives on a farm so the weather, rain or lack of thereof and so forth is a matter of deep concern to her.

Which is why she often does weather related posts - like this one, which prompted me to look up the current weather for Yakutsk and mighty nasty it was there at the time I did it.

Today it has improved

The weather in our four main centers compared with Yaktutsk at 1500 today. Here are the latest available figures for comparison.
So if it is not nice where you are over the next few days you can see how others elsewhere are faring with regard to their weather.

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KG said...

Don't think we'll be moving to Yakutsk any time soon, Andrei. :)
It's pouring rain and 27c here right now.

Andrei said...

'Tis 37°C where my little Nadia is KG according to her facebook post.

That's hot, very very hot.

KG said...

It's certainly warm, although if the humidity is very low it's not generally uncomfortable. We used to get lots of days in SA around the 40 mark, but since the humidity was less than 10% it was pleasant enough.
32c here with 88% humidity yesterday, and that was pretty unpleasant.

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